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Road freight

From mega-trailers to

courier vans, Torro road freight services are extensive and professional.

Torro Transport specialises in providing a exclusive International Road Freight Transportation for the delivery of goods. Torro Transport offering daily collection and departures to many countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

  • Full truck loads


  • Less than truck load


  • Express deliveries

Road freight

Railway freight

Combination of road and rail transport is the best and cheapest way to deliver your goods in long destinations.

Combination of road and rail transport is flexible, fast, inexpensive and not very sensitive to weather changes.


Due to this combination of road and rail transportation has become the most widely used mode of transport within Europe.

Torro Transport is your best partner in the combination of road and rail transport.


Cooperation with foreign colleagues enables us to transport

hundreds of thousands tons of goods to our customer's.

Any questions?

Our professional team is ready to help.

Contact us and we'll find the right solution for your needs.

Railway Freight
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